Get a Clean Swimming Pool Not a Green Pool

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Green water algae grows on still water, which is what is found in ground swimming pools. If the same water remains in the pool for more than twelve or fifteen days, it turns greens, because of kelps. In addition to, algae and unclean water bring along some of the most perilous skin infections and diseases. When the water is loaded into the open-air pool, it looks crystalline, but after a couple of days, it starts losing its clarity. It is the sign of contamination; because of it, you can not even see the bottom of the pond, which you surely were able to see, when you filled the water. It should be tackled well to avoid any type of dermatitis.

Keeping their swimming pool dirt free is the major concern of pool owners. Algae is the major reason behind the infectivity and greenery of outdoor water bodies. Here are some constructive tips that will help you keep your swimming pool clean and pure; check out following:

Check the level of contamination of water on alternate days

Polluted water is treacherous for both, consuming and diving. Contaminated water is home for dangerous insects. These insects, when you drink or bathe in that water, home into your body. It is therefore very important to check the intensity of infectivity of swimming pool water. You can check it by seeing the transparency of water; if you can see the bottom of the pool, it is safe to go in. There are also a few technological devices for home usage, using which you can check the contagion or PH level of water. If the PH level of the water is below 7.0, it will be hazardous for your eyes. It might also become a reason for dry skin. This inspection should be done on alternate days, if more than five six people use the pool. If not alternate days, it must be checked weekly.

Check the drain and filler weekly

Pool water must be drained weekly to ensure user safety. For this, the drain hose and water filter should be in good and in perfectly working condition. These two back ends of swimming pool make certain that the water is clean and hygienic. It needs to be checked by the maintenance staff. If yours is a personal pool, you can ask a swimming pool cleaning service provider in your city to visit you weekly, for this.

Get a pool cover

Swimming pool coverings, too, are widely accessible in your local market. These are becoming quite popular these days. By getting it installed on your pool, you can lessen the chances of water pollution. It keeps your pool clean for longer duration of time.

Hire a swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service

Swimming pool cleaning services are getting quite popular, nowadays. They are equipped with modern day technological devices, using which they perform their actions efficiently. They make sure that your pool is clean, pure, hygienic and crystal-clear, with no greenery and algae.

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Get a Clean Swimming Pool Not a Green Pool

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This article was published on 2014/01/28