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Whether operating a small hospitality business that offers swimming to their patrons or large health care facilities that specialize in aqua therapy, the addition of swimming pool accessibility lifts can be beneficial. Often times this is a service that many business owners fail to think of when offering swimming pools as an amenity unless they themselves are personally affected with a handicap or have a loved one that has difficulty using these types of facilities. Swimming pool accessibility lifts are affordable to purchase, easy to install and do not require a great deal of maintenance. However, they do offer commercial businesses many great benefits in return.

Commercial Business Benefits of Installing Swimming Pool Accessibility Lifts

Swimming pool accessibility lifts make it possible for people who have a physical handicap to be able to utilize a swimming pool. This eliminates safety hazards or the inability of using the facilities for people that depend on wheelchairs, leg braces, crutches or mobilized personal assistant devices from falling and slipping risks.

Many studies have been performed by the various medical associations that are set up throughout the United States and Canada that suggest that swimming is a low impact activity that provides many benefits to people who are injured or have a permanent physical disability. From providing these people with the ability to exercise in an environment where stress on their muscles, bones, tissue and ligaments are eliminated, these people can avoid the risks of losing the use of these important body parts. With the ability to utilize these facilities, disabled and handicap people have even reportedly been able to build some of their muscle tone back up to get back some of their used from muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Commercial businesses that opt to have swimming pool accessibility lifts installed for their businesss swimming pool areas are opening up the opportunity for handicap and disabled clients to utilize the facilities in a confident manner. This can provide as evidence of the commercial businesss dedication to their communities and the people that reside within it. Commercial hospitality businesses such as hotels, motels and fitness centers will find that their customer and client volumes will increase to reflect the appreciation for consideration of handicap and physically impaired patrons.

Conveniences of Adding a Swimming Pool Accessibility Lift to Your Public Pool

When installing commercial swimming pool accessibility lifts, businesses will be happy to know that they can have high quality lifts installed for prices that will fit into most commercial budgets. These lifts do not take up any more room than a wheelchair would and can be positioned almost anywhere around the shallow end of the pool area. Simple inspections to insure all of the components of the lift are operating correctly are the extent of any maintenance needs on most business managers ends.

ADA Requirements Concerning Swimming Pool Accessibility Lifts

The ADA has set it in motion that by March 2012 all commercial businesses that offer swimming pool access to their patrons will be required to have a swimming pool lift installed for handicap and physically disabled patrons. One company that can help you with your needs is Commercial Pool and Spa Supplies, Inc. You can visit this companys website at www.commercialpool.com to see all of the services that they offer and their ability to help get your business ready for this deadline. Businesses that opt to install these within their area first will be the patrons choice as they will view this as a voluntary contribution to the needs of handicap and physically challenged individuals. If you have any questions or concerns about the installation of a swimming pool lift within your company you will find the customer service specialists through Commercial Pool and Spa Supplies to have the answers as well as one of the best customer care services available.
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Swimming Pool Accessibility Lifts

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This article was published on 2011/02/14