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There's nothing worst to get home from work on a hot day, open a beer and put on your swim trunks just to find that the pool is a mess.

Ok ok, one thing maybe worst: To feel envious towards your neighbor because he can relax on a Saturday afternoon, you see, he doesn't have a swimming pool so he doesn't need to deal with all those irritating swimming pool problems.

Did you know that most swimming pool problems are a result of inadequate pool water maintenance? By testing and correcting the pool water chemistry you can have a low-maintenance, sparkling, and clean swimming pool all year round. You won't have to spend lost of money on things like chlorine shock treatment and algaecide if you can prevent the troublesome situation from arising. Monitoring the swimming pool water is extremely important. I would go so far as to say your health and the health of your families might be at risk.

Here is a list of some problems and solutions to those problems:

1. Algae

a. Check pH and adjust, if necessary, to pH 7.2 - 7.8
b. Brush spots to remove clinging algae
c. Maintain a consistent level of 1.0 - 1.5 ppm Free Chlorine

2. Eye burns and Chlorine-like odors.

a. Adjust pH to proper 7.2 - 7.8 range
b. Adjust and maintain the pH, Total Alkalinity and Free Chlorine to proper levels

3. Foaming

a. Read product labels carefully, and obey dosage instructions
b. Discard water, as necessary
c. Super-Chlorinate
d. Adjust pH, Total Alkalinity, and Free Chlorine residual to proper ranges
e. Maintain those proper levels

4. Colored Water

a. Adjust pH to 7.2 - 7.8
b. Run filter continuously and backwash as required
c. Vacuum settled material to waste
d. Ask your authorized pool dealer about use of alum for faster clean-up results

5. Total Dissolved Solids

a. Discard "old" pool water by setting filter on waste
b. Adjust the Free Chlorine residual, the pH and Total Alkalinity to proper levels
c. Maintain those proper levels

Everyone can have a easy-maintainable pool that will be more fun than work .

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Swimming Pool Problems

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This article was published on 2010/03/29