Swimming Pool Salesman Are Wonderful, Until Something Goes Wrong

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As we sit down at our kitchen table with the person we invited into our home. We want to know that everything is going to be okay. That our dream can be completed with no obstacles, cost over runs and so on. After all, in America we chose to live in a perfect world where everyone is honest and forthcoming.

It takes a special person to sell a product that you can not touch, feel or smell. More often than not swimming pool sales people sell their product out of a catalog making their job unique compared to any other home improvement company. Even the widow installers bring real samples to the table, but whens the last time you've seen a swimming pool being towed down the street?  The fact is, a swimming pool sales persons main objective is to determine if you can buy first and foremost. Secondly they need to learn what you want to buy. Before to long they are pulling out the options catalogs and before you know it they have spun around a contract or work order in front of you asking for your signature.

I can't blame them, time is money. But what concerns me is all that they are missing from sitting at the kitchen table. The truth of the matter is that sales people within the swimming pool industry should have some construction experience so they can learn about reality. Time and time again I hear the story about how "they" didn't tell me about what to expect. Without horrifying you, just realize that an in-ground swimming pool is not going to be installed through meditation. Something has to be destroyed before it can be put back together and for starters you can consider your back yard toast during the process of construction. If you need a better idea of what to expect, just drive by any new home being built and you will start to get a clearer picture of reality.

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Cool Pools Inc. is a Virginia based premier inground swimming pool construction company. Over the years Cool Pools has constructed and installed fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools with an emphasis on one piece fiberglass swimming pools manufactured by Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Swimming Pools. Our product line has offered our clients the best product for their money along with some of the finest customer support. In late 2008, Cool Pools stretched its construction division to cover parts of north east North Carolina and western Virginia. With the accessibility to one of the nations leading fiberglass swimming pool lines, we have found our five day construction process attracting clients from all across the country.

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Swimming Pool Salesman Are Wonderful, Until Something Goes Wrong

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This article was published on 2010/03/29